Acrylic evening bag ZL-0220
Model: ZL-0220
Product name: Acrylic evening bag
Material: Acrylic
Size: 22*11.4*4.4CM
MOQ: 200 PCS


More About Handcee:

1 Payment Terms

1T/T,30% Deposit, shipment will be arranged after received 70% balance,

depends on order quantity.

2T/T,50% Deposit, shipment will be arranged after received 50% balance,

depends on order quantity.

3If the annual order quantity is more than 1 million US dollar, it can

be evaluated Net 30.



3 Sample Development Time

1Basic design, sample production time: about 15days.

2Special customized sample production time: about 30days.

4 Bulk Order Production Time

1Basic design, production time: about 30 days.

2Special customized designs, production time: about 45 days.

3Special customize designs, which needs to open hardware mold,

production time: about 60-75days.

5 Number of Workers

1Number of Workers: 130 people.

6 Sample Development Capacity

1Acrylic series : 120-180pcs per month.

2Genuine Leather series : 85-105pcs per month.

7 Monthly Production Capacity

1Monthly Production Capacity: 20000 pcs.

8 New product development ability: Good

1We can customize all special color in acrylic & resin material you want.

2Be good at opening mold technology.

3Be good at stitching craftsmanship.

4To support you match the most suitable hardware accessories.

5Long-term cooperation many kinds of material factories, such as leather

factory, bead factory, satin factory etc.

9 Brand customer

1Brand customer - We have sign confidentiality agreements to protect

customer’s design, not leaking, not public .

10 Welcome your comments and suggestions.

1Different materials, different craftsmanship, Produce different

quality of products.

2Why is the same style, different factory produce, the price will

be different?

3Different requirement will match to different production line,

we are always listen to your needs.