The Material of The Bag

The quality of a bag determines the style, texture durability .

Bag is a kind of tool after all,

if delicate and expensive degree is to need investment energy "special care",

in daily life, it is very hard to be practical.

Among all kinds of materials, bovine leather bags are durable and not easy to be deformed.

As time goes by, they will show different luster and texture.

And the small sheepskin feels be makes people attractive because its delicate and soft ,but aslo need to spend more attention to keep;

Nylon is light, canvas is wear-resistant, velvet is suitable for important occasions to build a high sense.

It is said that buying a bag is like falling in love.No matter what kind of material you choose, Actually,choose one that is more affectionate.

As time goes by,will not easy to change the quality.

Here introduces the styles of several brands for everyone to choose as below:

More classical,More popular.

Gommino手袋.jpgGate.pngMARNI.pngLOEWE.pngTOD’S Gommino.pngMy Miu.pngTOD’S Gommino.jpgPasticcino.png

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