What Bag is Suitable for Summer?

Summer comes, as temperatures rise, don't remind, we all will naturally put on t-shirts, silk shirt these thin material item, but don't forget, in addition to the clothes, Also the bag we need to change the style according to the season. Therefore,we have sorted out a beautiful and cool and refreshing" bag purchase list, no matter from the material or color, a glance can give you visual cooling.

In fact, look at the recent celebrity blogger street clap, the key word of “the bag” has been natural and fresh.

On the spring and summer show in 2018, clean and refreshing bags are also common, and you will feel cool after seeing them.

From left to right: Chanel, Emporio Armani, Valentino

The coolest summer bags are here.

Anyway, why does the bag bring us cool and refreshing feeling?

The same goes for things like rattan weaving, PVC or transparent materials, and macarons that are more popular in the summer.But with many kinds of the bag, which one should we buy?

Here we have sorted out this year's most "cool and refreshing" collection,

Just in time for your purchase,right?


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