Trend/ These bags are popular this year, do you know?

The trend returns to the modelling of 1970s Twentieth Century, the iconic bucket package modification and design, decoration of flowers pattern and the special luxury modelling that difficult to see even in your dream.

1, Cross body Bag

In the pursuit of comfort and convenient now, portable cross body bag not only gets the favour of fashionable men, also becomes the favourite of the designers. The portable cross body bag will become the main styles in the spring and summer of 2015.

black and white handbag02.jpgbox cluthes bag06.jpg

2, Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is still very fashion in this spring and summer, the casual appearance, printing, stickers and soft leather, all these new elements bring the fashion beauty to the fashion bucket bag. And portable bucket bag make man fondle admiringly.

zara bag08.jpgprinting bag for women10.jpg

3, Geometric Box Bag

The Geometric box bag also very good in 2015, this bag has elegant ratio. Such as the geometric box bag of Dolce & Gabbana, Decorated with a lot of pattern and color, they are very elegant and beautiful.

specail bag17.jpgpink tote bag fashion03.jpg

4, Fringed Bag

We learned that the fringed bag is one of the trends of spring and summer 2015. When we get the fringed bag, we can realize the hippie and bohemian mood. This style is the queen in the upper 70s, it’s very popular.

nice mini bag07.jpgmix color bag16.jpg

5, Mini Bag

Small bags bring the convenience, may be everybody got one. The fashionistas and stars also love the mini bag, because the mini bag can be cute and also can make you more fashion.

MIni bag for lady09.jpglight  bag13.jpg

6, Printed Bag

The printed bag has the feeling of elegance and romantic. The floral printed bag is the focus of the brand this year. The bag of 2015 spring has many other prints, such as watercolor print (Chanel), giraffe patter (StellaJean), grid ( Diane von Furstenberg), dots, stripes and plaid design and so on.

knapsack for young girl.jpghold bag04.jpg

7, Backpack

The backpack does not change too much in the new quarter. They are still bight color, printed, tassel, modern and vintage and so on.

feature bag18.jpg

8, Clutch Bag

The clutch bag is very casual. Collocated with the proper clothing, it appears very chic. Whether the street date, an elegant dinner or daily, you can carry it.

Fashion treds01.jpg

9, Color Contrast Bag

The color contrast bag is very colorful in 2015, just like the rainbow, it’s very attractive in this summer.

cluthes bag for red 14.jpg

10, Concept Bag

The concept bag is the designers’ innovative product. The bag they designed are endless illusion. The person who crazy love fashion cannot loss this kind of bag.

box cluthes bag06.jpg

After introducing the 10 trends of bag above, whether you have those in your closet?

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